Art Sunday #161: P. Buckley Moss – Our Night Out


Patricia (Pat) Buckley Moss, also known as P. Buckley Moss, was born on May 20, 1933, in the Richmond Borough of New York City. Raised on Staten Island, Pat was the second of three children of an Irish American-Sicilian marriage.

P. Buckley Moss is an American and Virginia artist, whose art expresses her interest in strong family values. Known as “the People’s artist,” her colorful and landscape rich original and limited edition prints and Giclees’ are recollections of her varied life experiences sketched and then painted from different places, at different times, artfully drawn to offer a richer perspective of the world we live in. In her own distinctive style, Pat’s art actively seeks inspiration from her surroundings—including the lovely landscapes of the Shenandoah Valley and eastern United States, an early exploration of simplicity of life through Amish communities and landscapes, modern and traditional floral, beautiful birds and animals in a variety of settings, beloved pets, and of course, her own children and grandchildren who fill her life with endless artistic adventures.

She currently lives in Radford, Virginia, and travels around the country to attend gallery shows so she can meet her collectors and sign her artwork.



13 thoughts on “Art Sunday #161: P. Buckley Moss – Our Night Out

  1. Nice one, Jim!
    Pat has perfectly captured the process by which Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Congressional Republicans craft legislation that will screw each and every American and benefit billionaires. The Perfect Blend of artsy and fartsy! 🎨+💨=👍

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      1. LOL! As an undercover cop, Gunther, has seen it all… most cats have seen it all but fortunately for you humans… cats never speak of it… well, except Buffalo Tom. He never shuts up.📣

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