I need a cat like this



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      1. If you have a photo ID that proves your over 50 or feeble… Buffalo Tom and the rest of us guys don’t charge. We also will take coupons as payment… Especially Taco Bell!

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      2. we definitely don’t like the Brazier Foods coupons because they have terrible chili dogs. But we do like DQ coupons for Dilly Bars and hot fudge sundaes and dipped cones… you can buy jars of sorghum molasses at our Dairy Queen along with jars of homemade BlackBerry preserves… and there’s a big jar where you can contribute your spare change to Kayla’s emergency leg surgery from when she “fell” down a well last summer… Eunice will give you a free makeover at our Dairy Queen if you buy $50 worth of her Mary Kay cosmetics and a large vanilla or chocolate cone. Eunice also sells a special blend of Dairy Queen slushy flavorings that makes an excellent mosquito repellent during the summer months. Eunice got a letter from the Dairy Queen franchise headquarters telling her if she didn’t stop selling unauthorized homemade stuff in jars and giving makeovers she would have to change the name of her Dairy Queen to Dairy Kween and come up with her own frozen dessert recipe. she says she isn’t worried because she hasn’t been using official Dairy Queen products for years and years…

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      1. good to hear hun… trying to hang in there…its been a down poor of rain all day long…so a lil kool and damp… I hurt my knee a week ago or so and it is killing me and swollen up…
        Been to the doc office for nothing… the doc was only in with me for less than a minute and like 40 seconds I timed him lol…worthless… no temp or pulse or bp or anything taken …not a hello nothing… he just looked at his computer …bunch of shittt… blah blah…lol…

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