So there I was …


Sitting there reading some emails when I heard a “POP” out on the deck.  So of course my brain has to kick in.

“What was that?”

“It was just a pop.”

“How do you know?”

“It’s cold out.  Things pop when they contract.”

“But what if it was Bigfoot?”


“Yeh.  It could have been Bigfoot.”

“Out on my deck?”

“It could happen.”

“Why would Bigfoot be out on my deck?”

“It may be stealing your bird seed.”

“Why would it steal bird seed?”

“Cuz it was hungry.”

“It wasn’t stealing my bird seed.”

“AH HAH!  You admit Bigfoot was out on your deck!”

“Shut up brain before I medicate you again.  You sound like a divorce attorney right now.”

“Aren’t we a bitter person.”

“Shut up brain.”

Hump Day


We locked solidly into mid-winter in this neck of the Hundred Acre Wood.  But something felt different when I was out for my first walk this morning.  I dunno quite what it was and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it either.  Maybe it was the way the sun was rising in the morning sky.  Maybe it was the warm yellow glow that was covering us.  Maybe a tilt of the axis awoke something in my head.  Maybe I just don’t know but something felt different.

The best way that I can explain it feels like we are starting to shift gears from mid-winter to late winter.  That may not mean much to someone who lives where it only snows occasionally or it doesn’t snow at all.  But here on “The Frozen Tundra” (as Miss C calls it) it’s a game changer.  I think it’s one of those primordial senses that evolved with Neanderthal man and now it’s deeply buried in our sub-being.

Then again, all I have to do is drive down home if’n I want chat with a Neanderthal man and see if I’m right on this one.  I’m sure a number of my kin down there would definitely qualify as a Neanderthal.

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