Ah yes …


There’s nothing like winning a Super Bowl so one can riot, loot, get into fights, start fires and get into it with the poh-leese.  And now Bud Light is going to give away free beer along the Eagles victory parade route?  What on earth makes anyone think that absolutely anything could go wrong with a free beer deal like this after last night’s rioting?

Talk about throwing kerosene on a fire.  I’d stay home and hunker down.

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  1. Yep, I read about this stuff this morning and seriously what ever happened to having a couple beers at home or at the bar to celebrate the victory and leave the chaos alone? I don’t understand how anyone thinks that is a good idea.

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    1. well, I used to loot and plunder in a previous life but that was when I was a real Viking and not a Minnesota Viking.

      the mayor, the Police Chief and the city council must have thought the free beer was a good deal too because they’re obviously allowing it. one would think that there would be little kids along ths parade route but what better time to expose them to a bunch of beer swilling hooligans than during a victory parade???

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