Monday Night


So the big game is over and it appears most have already left town for Lord only knows where.  I didn’t read of any mass destruction in downtown Minneapolis so I can only assume that they saved it for Philly instead.  Ok, maybe it’s just me but I don’t get the logic behind tearing up you own city over a trophy.  Did some guy really eat some horse manure in Philly last night?  They’re some sicko people around that part of the woods I’m here to say.

I don’t think Minnesotans would do that.  Nah.  I’ve been living here long enough that I don’t think that they would have reacted like they did in Philly.  Oh sure, them university kids would have taken to the streets of Dinky Town and set a couple dumpsters on fire.  They did that a few years back when them Golden Goofers hockey team won the NCAA hockey championship.  Yeh, them kids would be tossing back some brews and maybe doing a little 420 and then do some of their own mischief.  But that’s them kids over at the U.

But not Ole, Sven and Lars.  No.  I can just imagine what they would be like if it were them Vikings instead of them Eagles in the big game and somehow … only somehow by the good graces of the almighty and pure dumb luck … them Vikings would have actually won a Super Bowl.  Them guys would be quick to point out that doing that rioting and looting thing would not be “Minnesota Nice” and they definitely would not want to be caught doing that.  Yeh, I can hear what they’d be saying to them Patriots fans after the game.

“Hey!  Good game dontcha know?  Why don’tcha join us out on the plaza for a braut and a few beers.  Whatcha think Lars?”

“Oh yeh Sven!  That was a good game.  You guys sure had us going there for a while.  Why dontcha join us out on the plaza.  Why we even have some fire pits going on out there.  Whatcha think Ole?’

“Oh yeh.  Come toss back a few with us.  Then maybe in the morning we can take ya ice fishing with us.  My wife Lena will fix us up a nice big breakfast with lotsa good coffee before we go out.  We can take my big Suburban.  That Chevy is slightly rusted and the tires are a little bald but the heater and the wipers work and there’s plenty of room for ya.”

Yeh.  Minnesota Nice.  I don’t think they’d want to be pulling down any street lights. around here  That wouldn’t be Minnesota Nice.

Ah yes …


There’s nothing like winning a Super Bowl so one can riot, loot, get into fights, start fires and get into it with the poh-leese.  And now Bud Light is going to give away free beer along the Eagles victory parade route?  What on earth makes anyone think that absolutely anything could go wrong with a free beer deal like this after last night’s rioting?

Talk about throwing kerosene on a fire.  I’d stay home and hunker down.