Five for Friday


Well it’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain for the ultimate control of my universe.  It tricked me into the last post, so I can’t use that on here.  Stupid brain!  Let’s see …

1. What I can say about the weather that wasn’t previously mentioned was just how easy it is for my glasses to fog up when I’m doing my walking.  I was walking around just a tad bit like a drunken sailor cuz I couldn’t see.  It’s amazing how much better I could do after taking them off.  Then after examining them when I got back in the house, it’s amazing I can see at all.  Man, did they need cleaned.

2. This is Super Bowl weekend here in Minneapolis.  I can’t believe just how much tickets are to attend this.  It makes me wonder if they’re trying to pay off the new stadium with one event.  So thanks to all you Philly and Pats fans for coming here and giving Governor Dayton your hard earned cash.  Oh yeh.  Stay off the street lights after the game.  Yeh, I know you will wanna be all silly and exuberant after your team wins but the Minneapolis Poh-leese are putting this real nice stuff on the poles for after the game.  Just know we may not be able to get you down until Spring if you wanna disregard the warnings.

3. I found some real nice music selections for my usual Saturday morning posts.  I have them scheduled right up to early March.  Just make sure you celebrate by doing the Iggy Shuffle with the music.


4. I keep telling myself to get a thicker skin with doing my j-o-b.  Someone sure are making some nasty comments about me.  It’s easy to say and think that the ones who care appreciate what I write them up for even tho I’m a PITA and the ones who grumble are the ones taking short cuts.  But the nasty comments still can cut to the quick.

5. I’m still mulling it over when I think we will have snow out here in central Minnesota.  In other words, no more snow on the ground that sticks and lasts.  I’m leaning towards April 4th or 5th.  That seems so far away right now.  I usually try to plant peas sometime around St. Patrick’s Day but I may have to use a starter tray under the plant light once again.

Okey dokey Pokey.  There ya have it.  Ha!  Take that brain!  Feel free to comment or wave a hearty “Howdy!” as you mush your sled dogs on past us today.  🙂

Good morning campers!


This is your captain speaking.  Yes, it’s a lovely morning out there.  It’s time to rise and shine and welcome in a new day full of fun and excitement.  It’s a rather pleasant and balmy -10*F or a rather tropical -23C for those of you not on the Fahrenheit scale.  The wind chill is only -26*F or a wonderful fun filled -32C for the rest of the free world.  Yes, today we answer the question “Is it possible for your legs to be as blue as your jeans?”  We’ll soon find out but just sit back and enjoy your flight this morning on Central Minnesota Airlines.