I’ve been hearing a robin singing in the morning somewhere nearby when I’m out for my first walk of the day.  I’m so pumped up and all I have to say is “OH HELL YEH!!!

Here’s why I’m all pumped up for those who are curious about my reaction to a bird.  A robin is a migratory bird for those of us living in the US midwest.  They leave every Fall to winter down south and then return for the Spring. Folklore (or an old wive’s tale) is you know Spring is close when you see your first of the year.  The folklore is right for this year hopefully.

Oh yeh, I took that pic in March of last year.  I’ve heard the Robin singing, I just haven’t seen it yet.


Random Thoughts for Wednesday


Big Boy has taken to laying on the bed in my home office.  He apparently hates being alone now.  That and he has to fight with Miss Lily for the fleece throw blanket on the couch upstairs.  She’s still a bit faster than he is and she who “Gets there firstest with the mostest” gets the soft blanket.  He settles for keeping me company only because he has to.

My cuckoo clock needs a good cleaning, some oiling and a little work to get it sorted and back to working properly.  I have to track down that guy who worked on it quite a while ago.  The gummys are a little put out that I either have it shut off or it’s not going off when it’s supposed to.

The last day of February!  Good riddance and good bye!  I am so ready to see this white stuff gone.  We’ve had a lot of melting the past few days but we could stand to see some more.  The long range weather forecast looks good tho.

Rain.  I so want to see you and smell you once again.  I want to hear thunder as I lay in bed.

So the plumber came and left after installing a new water heater.  My wallet let out a rather significant “Ouch!” after paying for that.  I sure wanted one of those tankless water heaters but I found they don’t work very well here on “The Frozen Tundra“.  Oh well.  There’s a new grey tank in the utility room that will need to be replaced in about 12 years.

Back to work once again.  Feel free to comment if you want.

Tuesday Morning


I was reading one of Danny’s posts today and he mentioned how many days in a row that he has posted on his WP.  You can read it here if you would like.  Give him a follow if you would while you’re there.  So I was curious and went back and checked just how many days in a row that it’s been for me.  Today makes …

1,200 days in a row.

Not bad, huh?  And “No” I’m not looking for any “congrats!” or anything like that.  I was simply curious and nothing more.  The number above is about all he and I would have in common with WP and nothing more.  His WP, like so many others, garnered a large number of followers for multiple reasons; mainly due to his efforts and hard work.  I’ve also noticed that some start a blog here and 6 months later they’re well over 2,000 or 3,000 followers while mine grows at a snails pace.

Am I jealous?  I think it would be fair to say that all of us have some degree of ego with doing this and it does become a head scratcher for me at times wondering how they manage to grow so quickly.  But at the end of the day, I have to admit that a lot of us have followers that follow us and are never heard or seen ever again.  Pus, I’ll be honest and openly admit that I have no clue how someone like Danny manages that large number of followers that he has.  I have enough problems with managing what I do have.

Maybe the lesson to be learned is a smaller following is better deal for a lot of us.  My view is it’s more intimate and easier to know people.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Regardless, here’s another post for another day.  🙂

Monday Morning


Hopefully the weather guy is right and we get some of Miss Leslie’s warming weather that she’s been having.  I’m sure it won’t be Toronto warm but I’ll definitely take temps in the 30’s.  It’s funny how six months ago I would have thought temps in the 30’s would be cold but now it feels so warm.  Such is the life of a dazzling south metro urbanite I suppose.

I thought I would go back to using my Tamron 17-50 lens once again to work with it once again.  It doesn’t have the zoom that my Sigma lens has but we’ll see what we can do with it.  A better zoom lens is on my bucket list for this year.  Too bad God only knows when I’ll get it.  I have a larger need for a new mixer first.

Miss Anna’s Sunshine Blogger Challenge

Miss Anna receive one of them Sunshine Blogger Awards and issued a challenge per se to all to answer her questions.  I’ll give her questions a go and suggest you check out her WP and give her a follow if you aren’t already.  Let’s see …

1. How close to your dreams of life are you?  I’m way off.  I wanna be 5′ 10″ tall, good looking and rich so I can travel and meet people.  I’m 0 for 3 so far.

2. If you’re not close, what’s stopping you getting there?  A winning lottery ticket.

3. If you’re close, how did you get there?  It would be via dumb luck if I got close.

4. What achievements in life are you proud of?  Not getting thrown in jail (well, not since I was 19 but that was a drunk tank so I don’t think that counts), consistently keeping my kids confused and having weekly secret conversations with his holiness the Pope.  Forget that I mentioned the last one.

5. How do you find courage to not always follow the main stream?  I concluded a long time ago that the ones that follow the mainstream are suffering from some sort of space alien hypnosis and those of us that don’t will be the ones that will have to defeat a space alien attack and save the earth.

6. Who and/or what do you use as a map in your life to find the right ways?  I use a MapQuest app since I found that Siri is so unreliable … unless I have her talk to me with an English or Australian accent.  Then I think she’s sexy.

7. Are you normal? (This is a trick question. I haven’t met anyone yet who claimed they’re perfectly fit for the definition of normal, so I wonder what is normal?)  Normal” is soooo boring.  Isn’t is mucher more betterer to be unique???

8. What do you believe is gonna save our planet from humans destroying the planet?  I want one of those big alien vacuums so I can suck all of the smog out of the sky.  Then I want one of them space alien hovercrafts with some of those laser blasters so I can blast all of the trash out of the sea.  Then I want to cover all politicians in BBQ sauce and feed them to Great White Sharks.  Hey!  Sharks hafta eat too yanno.

9. What’s important in life for you?  Chocolate.

10. Do you support friends and family in difficult times or do you run away scared of the situation?  I’m not scared of anything but women and the poh-leese.  Otherwise I’m not scared of nuttin.

11. What did you think of these questions? Please answer honestly. Asking questions is not my strong side at all.  Let’s have some tea instead of talking about questions.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment.  Make sure you visit Miss Anna’s WP.  🙂