Random Thoughts for Hump Day Morning


The Ice Maiden decided that we needed a reminder that it’s still winter and this is still central Minnesota.  She dropped some of that icky bad white stuff on us overnight.  Oh lucky us!  Clearing the drive was my morning PT effort.

We had a lunar eclipse early this morning. I wish I had a camera lens that could capture something like that.  What I have just just quite make the reach or have the clarity.  It was magnificent to watch until the clouds from the west obscured it.

One of the gummys gave me her sinus cold.  I’m sure one or both will giggle about it.  I just absolutely love how my sinuses feel right now.  Not!

A friend said that traffic and downtown Minneapolis is starting to feel the upswing of people coming in for next Sunday’s Super Bowl.  I am so glad that I don’t have to make that light rail commute to downtown Minneapolis right now.  I’m sure the ride home would not be fun from this point forward.

Another January is soon to go into the books.  Wow!  Where has the time gone?


65 responses to “Random Thoughts for Hump Day Morning

  1. Awww look at the nice white stuff lol…
    But glad that we don’t have any as of now lol since with the move and all… probably watch the game with dad and make some snacks to eat while watching the game … just depends on what I need to get done on that day if I stay and watch it all lolol…just doing it to be close to dad…daddys gurl lololol…
    Hope you get to feeling better my dear one…all kids gots buggers lol that’s what we used to say in the hospital lol…

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