I don’t care how much you bundled up, it’s doggone cold out there.  That wind cuts you and goes right straight to the bone with its chill.  This is not a good day to be out and walking even tho I have to.  The plus side is the bunny (or bunnies) cleaned up all of the old baby carrots that I put out for it (them) last night.  Who knows?  It may have been the bunnies or bunnies or mice or bunnies and mice or a Godzilla monster … which is  kind of a stupid thought because that would have left some big ass footie prints in the snow and there would have been noise and it would smashed up my deck and the poh-leese and the National Guard would have been out fighting with tanks and helicopters and bazookas and other implements of mass destruction and there would have been blood and mayhem … and where was I?  Oh yeh.  It’s cold out there today.

That was one helluva run on sentence dontcha think?