Random Thoughts for Monday Morning


Mid-winter is starting to turn into late winter around this neck of the Hundred Acre Wood.  There’s been a lot of melting and refreezing and we’ll see that all the time until snow out.  I do like how the ice crystals sparkle in the sunlight like little diamonds.

It’s a tad cool out there right now.  It’s a rather balmy 2*F (-17C) and it’s rather harsh on one’s exposed face.  I know from first hand experience.  The cold was nipping at my face during one of my walks this morning.  I’ll have to bundle better when I go outside next time.

Speaking of the weather, I guess some knuckleheads who came here for the Super Bowl activities are complaining about how cold it is here.  HELLO!!!  This is central Minnesota in late January!!!  It’s not south Texas or some place warm like that.  Ya think it’s cold?  You should have been here the other week when dogs froze to the fire hydrant that they were relieving themselves on.

I made some muffin bread yesterday.  God, I love that stuff and the corn meal on the crust.  The gummys took a loaf home with them.  I’ll have to make some more.  I’m still fine on the weight loss area. It’s holding (which is good) and not going up (which is better).  We’ll stay active until snow out and then all sorts of yard work will need to be done.