Saturday Afternoon


I survived another birthday party at the bowling alley.  There was too much noise from the bowlers and the kids just being kids and there were a couple times that I wanted to flee.  But I stuck it out without saying a word to anyone and left with nothing more than a headache from several sources.  Maybe it was a baby step forward but it was still forward movement I think.

So now I’m home where it’s quiet for now.  The sun was out once again and there was some more melting that occurred b\during the day.  I marveled at how the previous melting had left a crust of ice on top of the layer of snow.  The sun was shining off of it reminding me that I best make sure I wear some sunglasses whenever I go outside now.  The glare is awfully harsh on your eyes.

The last Saturday in January and I can tell that we’ve entered yet another season of the dirty part of winter.  There will still be some snow falls but it won’t be the same.  The ice is no longer clear or blueish in color.  It’s now a dirty gray or it has some black from the snow and ice melting and then refreezing and then melting again to repeat the process over and over again.  I don’t like this part of the winter season.

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  1. I am glad you survived relatively unscathed. I don’t bowl, have never bowled but the bowling alley here has the best philly cheesesteak sandwiches around.


    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE that picture up there. You captured the light on the snow perfectly. You just seem to get better and better with your photography over the years. Great job Jim!

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  2. Mornin’, Jim
    Do you know what I don’t like about bowling alleys? It’s all the noise. It’s a noisy sport. It doesn’t help things with all of those wooden surfaces reflecting the noise. Bowling alleys should be carpeted from top to bottom to absorb all that racket… or they could get with the 21st century and use electronic noise cancelling technology two tone it down about a million notches. Just a thought.🙉

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