Hmmmmm …


I am  … different from what I was and that was demonstrated to me this afternoon.  But it’s all good and we can smile cuz it’s another day down.  We will keep discovering what the “New Normal” actually is and how it defines a new me.  It may be a grand journey.  One never knows.

Wednesday Morning


So it’s grey and foggy and cold out there right now.  In other words, the weather is the great Kaa Kaa for us.  Where’s the sun?  All of the weather forecasts said we were to have sun.  That and warmer temps today.  So where did all of that go?  Ugh!  I’ll be so glad to see another January end which can’t happen soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

So I think tonight is a good spaghetti dinner night.  That will go down good considering that I still have to clean the snow off of the deck stairs and it would probably be a good idea to get the snow off of the ramp for the shed.  I have this amazing pile of snow in my backyard after shoveling the snow off of the deck the other day.  I really wish that it was an amazing pile of garden soil so I could be gardening instead.

Ugh!  Please hurry Spring!