So There I Being Perfectly Well Behaved …


And this hairy guy showed up.  One would think that it would have at the very least offered to help me clear my drive but “Nooooooooo!”  I thought it was gonna have me for dinner but it appeared to pretty harmless upon closer inspection.  It still didn’t help me with the drive.  It probably voted for El Presidente anywho.


Snow Day!


Miss Anna obviously sent her snow to me from Sweden.  And in as much as I’m always appreciative of someone’s kind gestures, trust me when I say “No really.  You can keep it.” as my reply.  It’s headed your way if you live in southern Cheeseland and/or northern Illinois.  Fortunately we are on the northern edge of this front but there’s stil enough falling to completely mess up metro traffic; not saying that it’s doesn’t take much to do that either.

It’s actually gonna be fun, fun, fun walking in this today.  I really do like hearing the sound of snow crunching underfoot even if if it is wet and cold out there.