Art Sunday #158: Marc Chagall – The betrothed and Eiffel Tower


“The betrothed and Eiffel Tower” shows us the two favorite cities of Chagall. It’s hard not to notice the Eiffel tower – the bright blue recognizable, it fills the background. And under it – Vitebsk. Lower right corner leaves no doubt of the roof of the city huddled under the flying angel and the soaring tower. “Artist in Paris”– said Marc Chagall. And confessing to Paris in his infinite love and trying to say about him the best that you can, exclaimed: “Paris, you’re my Vitebsk!”. Indeed, in his paintings wonderfully side by side the two cities.


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  1. Mornin’, Jim
    Have you ever noticed that most of the famous artsy-fartsy painters like to choose weird topics for their paintings? If I was a famous painter I would paint the first thing that popped into my mind when I woke up in the morning! Like today, I would have painted a piece of toast… Not Melba toast… REAL toast with melted butter, sugar and cinnamon on it and I probably would have put a glass of milk next to it… with Nestle’s Quik in it… not strawberry Nestle’s Quik in it because it tastes like taffy but chocolate Nestle’s Quik made from the liquid not the powder because the liquid doesn’t leave a Residue in the bottom of the class that makes it look like I didn’t wash the glass properly The last time I used it. THEN I would paint in my buddy Doodlesack wearing his official Magilla Gorilla bib with a big smile on his face, cinnamon toast crumbs everywhere, Nestle’s Quik chocolate mustache and giving his breakfast two thumbs up While winking! I would paint me relaxing in my full body massage recliner . Then I would paint in Buffalo Tom, Gunther and Larry doing the dishes because the dishwasher is on the fritz and then I would title my masterpiece ‘Opposable Thumbs-Up!”🎨👍👍

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