I love living here!


I love it here.  It’s Friday night, the music is hot, and there’s even hotter metro area ladies dancing the night away.  Man, these babes are something else.  This cat is gonna get lucky!!!!!

OK, ya got me.  I have a tee shirt and my comfy pants on.  I have some popcorn and I’m watching Hell’s Kitchen.

Well, it was a good illusion while it lasted.

Five for Friday


Well it’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain in the eternal struggle over what I can and cannot do.  Let’s see …

1. Critter Report:  I’m finally catching sight of the bunny that comes to visit me in the dark and feed at the feed dish the I put out for them.  It’s a wee small one and I suspect it was one of the bunnies that were born last summer.  I’m glad to see it managing to survive the central Minnesota winter.

2. Here’s Another Critter Report:  I have sighted a bald eagle flying around my area which is kind of unusual since were quite a ways from either the Minnesota or Mississippi rivers.  Maybe I’ll have my camera close by sometime so I can zoom in on it.  It would be even better if I can catch it perched in a tree close by.  This is more reason to looking a getting a better zoom lens.

3. I need a lot of work and research into taking better photos of early morning sunrises.  Maybe I need to get off my backside and see if the local community college offers some photography courses.

4. Isn’t it fun getting to go to a dentist just so the dental techs can use sharp metal instruments of torture and death on your teeth?  What’s even more fun is paying them for this experience.  God help me!

5. A close friend and I were talking this week and she used a phrase that took me by surprise.  She described my mental and emotional state as my “new normal“.  Actually, she was spot on when I thought long and hard about what she said.  I hate it too.  “My new normal”.  It sounds like a disease.

Okey dokey pokey!  There ya have it.  feel free to comment and/or wave a happy “Hidey Ho!” as you pass thru.  🙂