Ok, so this is how my diet plan is working out.


OK, so I’ll freely admit that my diet and exercising program isn’t going according to Hoyle right now.  I’m doing the walking thingee in good weather and bad (trust me when I say -15*F weather is bad) but my weight has … increased.  Yeh, I actually saw the “195” number show on the scale a while back (LOL!  Yeh right.  How long ago?) but I haven’t seen it in ages.  And now I have to be careful of binge eating because of the season keeping me indoors more than usual (that’s cuz it’s damn cold out there right now).  I’ll admit it.  I’m weak when it comes to chocolate and ice cream.  God help me.



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  1. 😁😁 Chocolate and Ice cream.

    …yeah I’ve noticed its easier to just keep eating when indoors. It’s the reason I try to maybe go out and do stuff…but as its cold, I understand. Wait I don’t really, y’know, Nigeria, but I can definitely imagine. If its raining cat and dogs for instance.

    Take care honey

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  2. Trust me, God won’t help ya on this one. God helps those who help themselves they say. That wasn’t actually in the Bible of course. When I ask God to help me with my diet he just laughs and laughs and tells me something about resisting temptation. I am quite disobedient for the most part, no willpower here either…

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