Monday Morning

So the snow ended sometime last night when I was in a warm bed.  Now begins the fun part of digging out.  But it’s OK cuz Jim has implements of destruction and toys for this.  The snowblower will make short work of all of it and I’ll help out the girls next door.  They crack me up.

Mr. Blue Jay was not going to let some snow deter him from feeding this morning.  He was throwing snow everywhere to get at the peanuts and the fruit laying below it.  I’ll have to clean the snow out from it and my regular feeder so the birds won’t move on.

In the meanwhile it’s first things first and the first thing on the agenda is a cup of coffee.  It looks a bit cool out there right now.

24 responses to “Monday Morning

    • my Aunt Geri would come back to haunt me if I didn’t stir my stumps to help them out. she would say “Get your hat, put on your coat, get your boots on and get out there right now and get that cleaned up for them. and don’t you even start thinking about letting them go outside in that cold. they could get hurt and then you’ll really be in trouble with me.”

      I always had the last words with her. they were almost always “Yes ma’am.”