Sunday Morning


That icky bad white stuff started falling from the sky once again about a half hour ago.  Fortunately it’s coming down light versus a heavy fall.  I stood there watching the snow flakes and pondered where most of the color has gone.  Grey skies.  Cold temps.  An even colder breeze.  Icky bad stuff coming out of the skies.  Mid-January in central Minnesota.

My ever faithful Chickadees and Sparrows are flitting back and forth on the bare branches of my Flaming Red Burning bushes to my Crab Apple trees to the bird feeders.  I stuck my head out the door and a Chickadee chastised me for disturbing it’s peace.  It sang out it’s Chick-A-Dee-Dee-Dee song at me  to let me know that it wanted me to go back inside and leave it alone so it can feed once again.  I refilled the bird bath and went back inside to the smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls leaving the birds to flit about at their own pace once again.

Yep.  It’s a mid-January once again in central Minnesota.

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