Random Thoughts for a Tuesday Morning


It’s another one of them blue sky days in central Minnesota.  The weather is warming but there’s a big atypical Minnesota snowstorm supposedly headed our way later this week.  Oh yea!  Lucky us.

At least I’m out of email jail for work email.  I hate being gone for a long period of time and having to come back and clean all of that up.  I got my work caught up too for the most part.  The rest is manageable now.

I need to eat more fruit.  I have a bunch of California oranges to clean up before they go bad.  I’m still weak when it comes to ice cream tho.  Mmmmmm!  Ice cream!  Gelato too!  It’s a good thing I don’t live in Europe or closer to the gelato place up town.

How does one gain two pounds overnight?  I suppose the leprechauns had something to do with it.