Monday Evening


It’s a nice little January warm up; not that I expect it to last for very long.  We have a couple days of “warmer” weather to be followed with some rain mixed with snow.  That’s not bad except it will then plunge back into single digit temps for a few days.   Winter in central Minnesota has mixed blessings.

But that’s OK.  Today I was thinking about how still it was out there when I was out doing my walks.  I’ve tuned out the traffic noise a long while ago and the jet’s that fly overhead are’t necessarily one right after the other.  So I could look up occasionally and watch the Mallards as they went winging by and listen to the Chickadees sing on a tree branch.  The afternoon sunlight gave off a nice warm glow even tho the sun still sits kinda low in the afternoon sky.

It’s a nice feeling listening to the music of stillness around me.  I could close my eyes and hear the notes of the melody as it played in my head and then as I opened them and watched the high clouds.  I listened to the sounds of the birds and felt the slight warmth of a January sun on my face.  You rarely hear the music playing in the hustle and bustle of metro life but I heard it today.  It was magical.  The afternoon sunlight carried music with it on a still and sunny January afternoon.