Saturday Evening


The lights have been slowly going out around me.  A good number of them went out by New Years Day and a good number have gone off either last night or tonight.  I brought in the Nativity set and the angel lights.  I have a few support rods still frozen in the ground but they can wait until the new Spring before I attempt to pull them out.

So it’s dark once again out there.  Dark and cold (special emphasis on “cold“).  Now is the time when a central Minnesota becomes long and wearing on one’s patience.  It’s a long time between now and St. Patrick’s Day and longer until Tax Day and it’s filled with plenty of grey skies and cold.  I really had to motivated myself to go for a walk this morning and now I’m having to re-motivate myself for a final walk of the day.

I’ll be dong a lot of bundling to stay warm for quite a while now.