So I was sitting here all by onesy today

And taking a break cuz …

  1. I once again had the gummies to keep an eye on today.
  2. They wore my arse out.
  3. My I-net provider went down for a while.

So what better reasons one could want to have to take a short break.  But I noticed that someone that I’ve never met made the comment that my posts were full of spelling and punctuation issues.

Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!  

I was just a simple Business major student at my university and not an English Literature major.  I was more interested in learning how to make money and how to get other people to work for me and not so interested in writing “The Great American Novel“.  Yes, I’ve heard of starving artists but I’m much rather be a well fed investor.

I must have encountered one of them high falootin’ members of the WP upper crust who looks down their noses at bottom feeders such as myself; so let me make it easy on ya.  I write how I talk.  I would suggest that you try London if you would care to hear the Queen’s English spoken and/or written correctly.

Here are some faces that more aptly express what and how I actually feel about your comment just so you know that I  have no hard feelings or grudges after today.


And for punctuation mistakes?  Here’s a whole bunch of punctuation extras that you  can use in the future.  Feel free to sprinkler them in on any further post I will have in the future       <<<(I left the punctuation mark off so you wouldn’t be disappointed. 😉 )










OK, I feel better now.

56 responses to “So I was sitting here all by onesy today

  1. I like your writing. I did the same thing many years ago when someone thought I was writing with to few marks of different kind. I kept writing the way I did and just like you I left all the missing marks at the end. I just got the answer “grmffffpffff” from the reader. “Pling”

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  2. Well I SAW the comment that corrected your ‘just fine to ME and I’m a card carrying member of the Grammar and Spelling POLICE and it didn’t bug ME” post. It’s people like THAT who give our organization a bad name. And just FYI? Nobody listens to us anymore anyway. Just look at the twitter feed (at which I’ve never gawked. I NEED my eyesight thanks and my blood pressure is high enough) .. if you doubt that.

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  3. Poo poo on them Jim. The way you write is endearing and while they may have thought they were being helpful geez, some folks really need to lighten up. When I read you’re writing I can practically hear you talking and isn’t that the point? Okay, I’m done now.

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  4. THAT’s their main concern about your blog?
    How boring they are 😀 😀 😀

    Oh, anyone ever told you that punctuation marks do not live in packs? *duckandrun*

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  5. It’s so annoying when someone criticises someone else post. John sometimes tells me I’ve made some errors but who cares. I think that when you write from the heart and not the dictionary it’s special. Never change for anyone Jim.

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