Today is the day


This is when I put away my Christmas tree and other baubles.  The poinsettias stay around since I seem to have a knack for keeping them alive.  I haven’t figured out how to get them to turn red once again but I have figured out how to keep them alive.  The smokers stay out as the candle in in the window.

Miss Lily is a tad confused with the tree and the bears being gone.  Her favorite hidey hole is gone and she’s walking around like “I know I left it here.  Where did it go?

2 responses to “Today is the day

  1. You want another poinsettia? Because I’m slowly killing the one some clueless soul gave to me. Not on purpose, but my thumbs are brown. I’ve told people about that and they just don’t seem to get it. I’ll pay the fare for the poor plant to end up in your ‘garden’ too…just let me know. 😉 Happy New Year Jim! (I like the new picture btw…)

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    • take it out of that fancy foil that it came in. the plants hate sitting in water. water it in the sink until it pees out the bottom and then let it drain