New Years Night


Back  to a normal winter in central Minnesota.  I started feeling chills come on around 3ish this afternoon and they got worse as the sun set more and more around this part of The Hundred Acre Wood.

It’s dark and the night air is extremely frosty.  It hurts my lungs whenever I breathe it in without using a fleece cowl as a filter and a layer of protection against the cold air.  I knew better but I didn’t think the brief minutes that I had to be outside would matter that much.  It did.

The only thing missing right now is the sound of coyotes yipping off in the distance.  It’s cold and lonely out there.  I’ll be snuggling in deep underneath the blankets tonight.

35 responses to “New Years Night

  1. Wow, that is a good blanket of snow! It looks so nice too … btw, it was hot as hell here and I moaned my ass of because I was sweating quite unnaturally lol

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  2. When I used to exchange letters with my dear friend Laura Ingalls, her biggest complaint about Prairie Winters was when wolves would sneak into the house and run off with one of the children… but not to worry! Ma and Pa always made more!👍👍

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  3. Between you, my friend in Virginia, my brother in Missoui, and friends and relatives in Indiana all freezing their butts off, I have decided that the land of eternal summer is not such a bad place to be after all. Stay warm dear one.

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