Happy New Years!


I’m not usually into making New Years resolutions simply because I’m like most people and I usually fail to keep them.  But I am into making goals because the object is to reach the goal and then maintain it thru out the year.  On top of that, it’s a balmy -15*F out there this morning and I’d rather be in here thinking of something to post rather being out there freezing my hiney off.

1. My goal last year was to lose weight and start getting healthier.  The healthy part took a notorious “crash and burn” last Memorial Day but I did stick to the weight thingee somehow.  I started last January 1st at 232 pounds and I start this January 1st at a slightly thinner 202.  I’ll gladly take that weight loss.

So my goal for this year is:  Start next January 1st at a weight less than today’s weight.

2.  Get healthy?  I’d like to be dizzy whenever I look up at a jet passing overhead.

So my goal for this year is:  Don’t fall down whenever you look up at a jet flying overhead.

3.  I still can’t make a good omelet.  Maybe that’s not important to some people but I would like to master the art.  That’s gonna mean an expenditure on equipment and eggs.  I guess the gummys and I are gonna be eating a lotta attempts this year.  At least the eggshells are good for my garden beds.

So my goal this year is:  Get a good omelet pan and learn to make an omelet the right way and not one that looks like a train wreck of a mess.

4.  And last my most important good for this year:  No riding time in the local hospital this year.  They have vampires in those places and they want blood; a lotta blood.  I need my blood.  It keeps me from turning blue and dead.  Yeh, blood is an important thingee for me.  Let’s avoid the vampires as much as possible this year.

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  1. Happy New Year, Jim! This is a good time to knock off some of the rough edges. I only have one New Year’s resolution and that is I would like to stay on track whenever I start talking about something instead of wandering off topic! I usually get the waitress, Lurlene, at the Village Inn to make my omelettes. She knows just how I like them and always gives me extra cheese. The Village Inn has a really great cheese blend for their omelets. They also have excellent iced tea! I usually gain weight if I eat too many omelettes and become extremely dizzy upon standing. Our local Village Inn it’s no longer part of the national franchise due to some issues with the big sign out front. Somebody changed it, with spray paint, so that it says “Village IDIOT!” They also have really good pies in there. My favorite pie is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup pie! …and now that they don’t have the big wigs at the Village Inn corporate office breathing down their necks they can now use lard in their crusts! I usually like to sit in a booth at the Village Inn so that I can lay down and take a nap after enjoying my cheesy omelet and piece of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup pie!🍳🍴🍰👍

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  2. Those are some pretty great goals. Have you invested in that seen on TV copper pan? For the life of me I cannot remember its name, but we own one and I think it might help you with your omelet adventure.

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  3. YIKES!! -15??? That’s uninhabitable.

    I think these have got to be the best goals yet. A comment on the weight thingy, somehow last year I got it backward and ended up putting on more than I thought possible. Oh well here’s to 2018. Happy New Year!

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    • yeh, it’s a tad bit cool out there today. I went out long enough to refill a couple feeders and add some water to the bird bath. I still have to go out and check on the bunny feed dish.

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      • You’re better than me because animal lover I am -15 is would be cause for me to barricade myself indoors never to leave again until on the other side of zero. The good thing about weather this cold is when it goes up into the 20s it actually feels warm. Have a good one Jim.

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      • One of my blogger friends lives in Finland. When she told me one time the weather was like 30 below zero my response was “what do people do? that can’t be safe.” She laughed hysterically because life goes on but I’m serious if I were in weather that cold no one would ever see me outdoors. I’d gladly hibernate.

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