New Years Night


Back  to a normal winter in central Minnesota.  I started feeling chills come on around 3ish this afternoon and they got worse as the sun set more and more around this part of The Hundred Acre Wood.

It’s dark and the night air is extremely frosty.  It hurts my lungs whenever I breathe it in without using a fleece cowl as a filter and a layer of protection against the cold air.  I knew better but I didn’t think the brief minutes that I had to be outside would matter that much.  It did.

The only thing missing right now is the sound of coyotes yipping off in the distance.  It’s cold and lonely out there.  I’ll be snuggling in deep underneath the blankets tonight.

Today is the day


This is when I put away my Christmas tree and other baubles.  The poinsettias stay around since I seem to have a knack for keeping them alive.  I haven’t figured out how to get them to turn red once again but I have figured out how to keep them alive.  The smokers stay out as the candle in in the window.

Miss Lily is a tad confused with the tree and the bears being gone.  Her favorite hidey hole is gone and she’s walking around like “I know I left it here.  Where did it go?

Happy New Years!


I’m not usually into making New Years resolutions simply because I’m like most people and I usually fail to keep them.  But I am into making goals because the object is to reach the goal and then maintain it thru out the year.  On top of that, it’s a balmy -15*F out there this morning and I’d rather be in here thinking of something to post rather being out there freezing my hiney off.

1. My goal last year was to lose weight and start getting healthier.  The healthy part took a notorious “crash and burn” last Memorial Day but I did stick to the weight thingee somehow.  I started last January 1st at 232 pounds and I start this January 1st at a slightly thinner 202.  I’ll gladly take that weight loss.

So my goal for this year is:  Start next January 1st at a weight less than today’s weight.

2.  Get healthy?  I’d like to be dizzy whenever I look up at a jet passing overhead.

So my goal for this year is:  Don’t fall down whenever you look up at a jet flying overhead.

3.  I still can’t make a good omelet.  Maybe that’s not important to some people but I would like to master the art.  That’s gonna mean an expenditure on equipment and eggs.  I guess the gummys and I are gonna be eating a lotta attempts this year.  At least the eggshells are good for my garden beds.

So my goal this year is:  Get a good omelet pan and learn to make an omelet the right way and not one that looks like a train wreck of a mess.

4.  And last my most important good for this year:  No riding time in the local hospital this year.  They have vampires in those places and they want blood; a lotta blood.  I need my blood.  It keeps me from turning blue and dead.  Yeh, blood is an important thingee for me.  Let’s avoid the vampires as much as possible this year.