It’s Another Dazzling Night


Yeh baby!  So I’m sitting here in my comfy pants, a comfy tee shirt, a bowl of popcorn close at hand and I’m watching “The Big Bang Theory” as I wait impatiently for a show to come on PBS.  And I know what you’re thinking right now.  You’re thinking …

Hey!  How can I live a dazzling metro life style like you?”

And my response is …

“Hey!  All you need is comfy pants and control of the TV remote control.”

And you’re now thinking …

“Now why didn’t I think of that?”

My work is done.  I’m glad I could help you.


Uh Oh!

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.57.33 AM

Ummm … my homemade bread has decided to come to life or something and it started growing penicillin or fungus amungus or something that wanted to evolve and become self aware.  All I know is I didn’t like the way that it snapped at me.  It had sharp pointy teeth and big green eyes and terrible, vile breath and it appeared to act like a creature from another world or another dimension!.  I swear I saw my whole life pass in front of my eyes when it lashed out t me.  It escaped out the back door into the frozen tundra and disappeared into the wild of central Minnesota.  I sure hope no one gets hurt.

Yeh.  Let’s start over and bake up some fresh bread this afternoon.  I think that will be safer in the long run.

Random Thoughts for Hump Day Morning


The Ice Maiden decided that we needed a reminder that it’s still winter and this is still central Minnesota.  She dropped some of that icky bad white stuff on us overnight.  Oh lucky us!  Clearing the drive was my morning PT effort.

We had a lunar eclipse early this morning. I wish I had a camera lens that could capture something like that.  What I have just just quite make the reach or have the clarity.  It was magnificent to watch until the clouds from the west obscured it.

One of the gummys gave me her sinus cold.  I’m sure one or both will giggle about it.  I just absolutely love how my sinuses feel right now.  Not!

A friend said that traffic and downtown Minneapolis is starting to feel the upswing of people coming in for next Sunday’s Super Bowl.  I am so glad that I don’t have to make that light rail commute to downtown Minneapolis right now.  I’m sure the ride home would not be fun from this point forward.

Another January is soon to go into the books.  Wow!  Where has the time gone?




I don’t care how much you bundled up, it’s doggone cold out there.  That wind cuts you and goes right straight to the bone with its chill.  This is not a good day to be out and walking even tho I have to.  The plus side is the bunny (or bunnies) cleaned up all of the old baby carrots that I put out for it (them) last night.  Who knows?  It may have been the bunnies or bunnies or mice or bunnies and mice or a Godzilla monster … which is  kind of a stupid thought because that would have left some big ass footie prints in the snow and there would have been noise and it would smashed up my deck and the poh-leese and the National Guard would have been out fighting with tanks and helicopters and bazookas and other implements of mass destruction and there would have been blood and mayhem … and where was I?  Oh yeh.  It’s cold out there today.

That was one helluva run on sentence dontcha think?

Random Thoughts for Monday Morning


Mid-winter is starting to turn into late winter around this neck of the Hundred Acre Wood.  There’s been a lot of melting and refreezing and we’ll see that all the time until snow out.  I do like how the ice crystals sparkle in the sunlight like little diamonds.

It’s a tad cool out there right now.  It’s a rather balmy 2*F (-17C) and it’s rather harsh on one’s exposed face.  I know from first hand experience.  The cold was nipping at my face during one of my walks this morning.  I’ll have to bundle better when I go outside next time.

Speaking of the weather, I guess some knuckleheads who came here for the Super Bowl activities are complaining about how cold it is here.  HELLO!!!  This is central Minnesota in late January!!!  It’s not south Texas or some place warm like that.  Ya think it’s cold?  You should have been here the other week when dogs froze to the fire hydrant that they were relieving themselves on.

I made some muffin bread yesterday.  God, I love that stuff and the corn meal on the crust.  The gummys took a loaf home with them.  I’ll have to make some more.  I’m still fine on the weight loss area. It’s holding (which is good) and not going up (which is better).  We’ll stay active until snow out and then all sorts of yard work will need to be done.