Someone shook the snow globe

It’s been snowing on and off all day.  It’s either coming down as a very fine snow or it will come down as some big ol’ Norman Rockwell painting style snowflakes.  I know some of ya’ll don’t get no snow where you’re living at much less much cold.  To be a tad bit smug, not “cold” as I know cold.  But it’s all good.  I know we’ll have plenty of whatever you’re missing out on as a way to make it up for my smugness.  That’s just Mother Nature’s way of getting me for running my mouth when I really should be keeping it shut.

Once a week I now do what I call “the Long Walk” plus a complete walk around the area. Earlier this month I took a walk all the way down to the elementary school and back and found it was a tad bit over a mile and a half.  I got cocky since I felt kinda sorta good and did it a second time later that night.  Yeh.  I paid big time for it the next day.  We since smartened up a bit and reduce it to a more manageable length.  I’m a tad sore after the day is over but not nearly like I was when I found out that I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was.

Still, it’s nice walking out in this stuff as it falls from the sky.  It’s nice and peaceful.  I like it.

21 thoughts on “Someone shook the snow globe

  1. Beautiful! We have a bit of snow on the ground here in Vancouver and it’s supposed to snow tonight so here’s hoping! Like you, I’d love to go for a walk in it tomorrow morning.

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  2. Well you got the “White Christmas” many of us are wishing for (for one day anyway) and you can go “Walking In A Winter Wonderland” and build a “Frosty the Snowman…” Merry Christmas Jim!

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