Art Sunday #154: Caravaggio – Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence


The Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence (also known as The Adoration) is a painting believed to have been created in 1609 by the Italian Baroque master Caravaggio. Recent discoveries link the painting to that commissioned by Fabio Nuti in April 1600, and thus sent from Rome to Palermo.

It was stolen on October 18, 1969 from the Oratorio di San Lorenzo in Palermo, Sicily.

The Nativity is one of the most famous unrecovered stolen works of art; its theft is on the FBI’s top ten list of art crimes. The value, if the work was ever sold, is estimated to be $20 million; though resale value on the black market, especially for an infamous work of art, is nowhere near the actual value. On the black market, stolen art fetches perhaps a tenth of its estimated value if it can even be sold at all.

In 2016, a reproduction of the painting was produced by Factum Arte for a documentary on the painting and its theft. This reproduction was then permanently installed in the chapel, in the place of the original.


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  1. Happy Christmas Eve, Jim!
    Topical, artsy and fartsy. It takes a tiny selfish person to steal a painting that should be seen by everyone…. therefore, I accuse Donald Trump of the theft! Case closed!👏🎅

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