Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again to do battle with my brain to see who does end up with ultimate control of my destiny.  Let’s see …

1. One last package is due to arrive today and then I’m all squared away for Christmas.  Of course this package is for myself since I figure I’m deserving as well.  It will be nice to have the plug in hub for my new MacBook so I can upload photos to SmugMug.  This is the sin tax that I have to pay for not paying attention to technology shifts.

2. I did figure out what it would take to fix my old MacBook Pro.  Now all I have to do is decide when I want to order the new SSD HD and go get a 16GB thumb drive.  Fixing laptops and desktops is always a bit of a gamble but it’s not cost prohibitive and I’m not out a lot if it doesn’t work.  Good thing I’m 98% sure the repair would work.

3.  I always hate coming back to work after being off for a couple days.  There’s always too many emails to go thru and then there’s the work that needs caught up.  Fortunately it’s kinda sorta quiet with people taking time off for Christmas but  I’m not looking forward to what I’ll find after being off for the next two weeks.

4. I have an albino squirrel running around my place.  I went to grab my zoom lens for my camera but it was gone before I got back.  It will show up again.  It should be fine with all of the snow cover that we have right now but they usually won’t last too long come Spring.  Owls and hawks usually nab them since they can’t hide very well in a sea of green.

5. Where did the year go?  It went by way too quickly.  It will be 2018 before I know it.  Another step closer to retiring.  It’s strange that I don’t feel like I’ve only got 7 years to go and I’m done.  Seven years isn’t a long time.  The last nine years of my Air Force career disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Wow!  I went thru that quick!  Take that brain!!!  Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “Happy Christmas!” on your way thru if you would like.  🙂