Wednesday Evening


I was thinking today about the winter solstice.  Mainly I was thinking about it to distract myself from a doctor’s appointment that I had this morning.  Somehow I survived seeing a new doctor even if it did raise my blood pressure quite a bit.  I really hate that reaction to being around new people.  Maybe some day I can get past it knock on wood.  But that’s not what I was gonna post about tonight.

We have the winter solstice tomorrow and unfortunately central Minnesota will have grey skies once again which will obscure the view.  That leaves me with Friday and partly cloudy skies … maybe.  I wonder if they ever had this kind of problem in England at Stonehenge.  Did they hold the party until the sun shined once again?  Just a thought running thru my little pea brain at the moment.

I thought this vid was pretty cool.  Hope you can view.