So I’ve been thinking …


So I’ve been wondering if the bones of the Three Magi really are in this golden thingee in Cologne Cathedral or not.  I suppose one can make the argument that there is no way of knowing for certain and then I suppose one can say it’s all based upon faith.  Regardless, it makes for something to look forward to seeing if and when one is in Cologne.


21 thoughts on “So I’ve been thinking …

  1. I doubt it… And what makes you think there were three of them. I don’t think the Bible ever actually gave us a number 😉

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      1. Those nuns also told me that if someone went to Communion with unconfessed sins, that the host would burn their tongue and jump out of their mouth. I believed them when I was 8, but by the time I was in high school, I had tested it enough to know that was not true :-/

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      1. I’ll mention your name, and I’m sure they’ll give me full access. Probably give me the keys to the city! (or throw away the keys to cell I’ll be in…..)

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