Glorious Time Off


I finally made it to some lengthy time off.  It’s going to feel good waking up in the morning knowing that it’s not due to a 5:00 AM alarm.  No work emails or audits or reviews or complaints to deal with.  Just me and my coffee taking my sweet time in the morning.

I think I’ll be looking at a new main course for Christmas dinner.  It’s a thought and a bit of a deviation from my original intent but Christmas does only come once a year.  Maybe this butcher shop that I found can take of something for me and the rest I can do and it maybe, just maybe, will turn out magnificent.

It’s nice and peaceful out there tonight.  I keep watching for the bunny that’s been visiting me at night but no luck so far.  I’ll catch sight of it one night soon.  I’ll keep refilling the feed dish until then.