Okey dokey

So it looks like my MacBook Pro finally took the big schnitzel and may be nothing more than a boat anchor now.  It’s that or it may be a new coaster for me.  It’s a mighty damn expensive coaster.  Maybe I can get it back running sometime this winter so I can have it for a backup.

Until then, I took the big dive and paid the Apple tax for a new MacBook Pro.  It’s pretty cool, it’s fast, it’s light; but it lacks USB ports and especially a SD card port for my camera.  I’ll have to use my desktop for uploading pics to SMugMug until I find out what the exact accessories are available for this.  Now I regret not buying my last camera with built-in wifi.

Oh well.  Live and learn I suppose.  🙂

Saturday Morning


Let’s just say that last night did not end up landing me in a happy place.  All I will say was the voices were loud and both sides said the other wasn’t listening.  Then there was the threat of invoking the POA that I gave someone for my own good.  That was the catalyst that sparked something in me.

I’ve been thru one war and watched another around me.  I’ve seen things that would make any other person puke.  This condition that I have for now is minor when compared to that.

I refuse to be held hostage to my brain and be a cripple or deemed to be an invalid for the rest of my life.

I refuse to be a hostage of the mental and physical impairments that I live with now by whatever caused this to me.

I refuse to allow people to treat me as anything less than the man and the human being that I am.

And one more thing; screw the specialist doctor that gave up on me.

I took my keys and I went for a joy ride this morning.  It was the first time that I got behind the wheel in almost 5 months.  Yeh, I left my phone at home because I didn’t want to hear angst from anyone.  Yeh, I was scared s**tless when I got behind the wheel and fired Petey up.  I was scare s**tless when I started down the road.

You know what?  It was a F**KING AWESOME experience!  I don’t know when I’ll do it again but it’s a start and it was very liberating.

Here’s to those that want to treat any of us as less than the human beings that we are.