12 thoughts on “A Thought for “No It’s Not Friday, It’s Thursday”

  1. It looks like Santa is an authoritarian control freak… his white sugar addiction is sure to spoil the Holler-Days for the rest of us. I liked it better when Santa was a fat old hippie.🎅🎄🎁

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    1. Santie sounds like one of those far righters.

      Where does he get all that money to pay for those toys?
      He has elves working for him? Are they documented? Do they have union representation? Are they paid a living wage?
      Why does he live on a compound?
      What are the environmental impacts from all them reindeer and the poo that they make? What about methane in the atmosphere because of them?
      Has there been a study of the effects to the ozone from flying reindeer in the atmosphere?
      Why isn’t his flying reindeer and sleigh regulated?
      Was that sleigh painted with lead based paint?
      Why does he get to come in your house unannounced an uninvited?
      Who decided that only he has absolute control of the naught or nice list?
      How does one go on that list and how do you get off?

      yeh. something doesn’t add up if you really think about it.

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      1. Thank you, Jim. That is Christmas in a nutshell. it’s all part of the morbidly rich people’s plan to enslave us all. I believe those elves are victims of human trafficking. I’ve also heard that Santa drinks 2 six packs of Diet Coke per day!🎅🙊

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