Ugh, it’s still Thursday!


It’s cold and grey out there and “Yes” it’s been trying to snow.  And I had a meeting with 20 odd other auditors today.  Gee, that’s a fun date.  Twenty odd Government auditors all on the same meeting call.  Just how contentious do you think it got?

But it’s all good.  Lunch is done and I’m going to take a short PT break for some exercise and a mindfulness moment.  It’s actually kinda of cool taking some time out of your day to notice the little things.  Little things like the birds tracks from the birds picking up the seeds that others drop from the feeders.  The squirrel tracks that one of them wingless dragons left as it hopped across my neighbor’s front yard.  And bunny tracks revealing my bunny feed bowl had a visitor last night.

Yeh the little things help me forget all of the daily BS that I typically deal with.  It helps me flush those ill feelings and thoughts out of my head where they don’t belong.