Pressing forward


Winter, snow, cold and ice.  It’s a good time to try out some new recipes.  Mainly because it helps keep the house warm.  Also because I like good food.  So, I tried out a new French Bread recipe last nite.  It smelled good, tasted good and had some fantastic texture.  It was even better today  during lunch.  This recipe is high on the keep side but I have another one to try out to see which one I prefer.

It’s been one of those work days that you are better off just flushing and starting over in the morning.  Yeh, it was that bad.  But it snowed for a tad this morning and they were great big ol’ Norman Rockwell painting type snowflakes that were coming down.  They would have been great to take a walk in versus having to sit in on a meeting.  Meetings.  Yeh, they suck sometimes.

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