Tuesday Afternoon


This is the first year in a long time that I haven’t gone to Stillwater to visit the Kathe Wohlfarht store there during the Christmas season.  I usually pic up something every year whether it be a new smoker or some ornaments or something.  There’s always something to add to the tree to display around the house for Christmas.

Oh well.  I still can try to get there but I did get on-line to order some incense for my smokers.  I love these things and the smells that they produce.  The gummys love watching the incense smoke come out of the mouth.

Tuesday Morning


It’s a wondrous and rather tropical -14C out there with a -20C wind chill.  That would be a 7*F and a -2*F wind chill for those of us not using the other scale that most of the world uses.  I don’t care how you slice it, dice it, wrap it up or sugar coat it; it’s doggone cold out there for this kid.  Brrrrr!

I liked to die!  I swear I thought I saw  couple Polar Bears wandering around out there looking for seals, stray kids or abandoned kids to eat.  I feel like Nanook of the North all wrapped up when I go out for my walk.  Now that I thought I saw Polar Bears, I wonder if I have to get out an elephant gun to protect myself.

Now that’s kind of a goofy thought.  What would elephants be doing in central Minnesota during this time of year. Probably putting on woolies if they were smart.  It’s cold out there!