Random Thoughts for Monday


My poinsettia from 2 years ago is blooming once again.  It wouldn’t turn red last year but it was stuck in a cold window this year and, voila, red leaves this year.  Hopefully more leaves will turn.

Is it me or is this month disappearing fast?  Here it is the 11th already.  It seems like yesterday was Thanksgiving.  One can always hope that winter passes fast around these parts.

My boss went behind my back once again.  Why do they do stupid things like that?  I was initially a bit PO’d but then I got to thinking about it and now I just shake my head.  How petty and silly it was.  One has to be really insecure or distrusting to stuff like that.

Tonight is a leftovers night.  Sometimes leftovers are mucher betterer than the initial meal.