Just so you know …


Just think, adding ice with it means I get water in the diet too.  Water is good for you.  Therefore that is healthy as well.  Add some orange juice and I get fruit in my diet.  Fruit is good for you.  Plus I get citrus which is good for fighting colds.

Russian folklore is famous for using vodka as a cure for everything from a headache to the common cold to a hangover.  Leave to the Russians.  Good on ya.

Plus, if you’re trying to lose weight or following a low-carb diet, vodka is a reasonable alcohol choice.

Consuming one daily drink for women or two daily drinks for men has been linked to lower mortality, increased cardiovascular health, fewer acute hospitalizations, lower body weight and decreased risk of stroke, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes and enlarged prostate than those who don’t drink alcohol.  Man, anything that decreases that stroke thingee is a definite plus up in my book.

I’m feeling better already.

Five for Friday


Hidey Ho and Hey neighbors!  It’s that time of week once again where I smack my head around trying to get my brain to cooperate with me.  Hear that brain?  Cooperate!  Let’s see …

1. It’s Brrrrr! out there once again.  It’s a rather tropical and pleasant 24*F (-4C). Makes ya kinda wanna move here, huh?  I know you do.

2.  I’m having to relearn how to walk on snow and ice.  I thought I did.  I mean, I did well the past couple times where that white stuff fell out of the sky.  I guess now is a tad bit different since it’s down and sticking to the ground.  I went to make a turn this morning and my shoes didn’t wanna cooperate.  I wanted to go one way and they wanted to go another.  Fun, fun, fun!  No, I didn’t fall.

3. My bunny food dish has food in it and there is no indication that any of them stopped by last night.  It’s OK.  They always seem to eventually find it and that is what is important anywho.

4. I got a break from our usually Friday morning staff meeting.  Woo hoo!  I sure hope they’re not planning an early exit for me.  That would be bad.

5. I need to start planning Christmas dinner.  I think I’ll just keep it simple and have a garlic beef roast this year.  That and maybe I can get a Christmas cake at the market.  Simple is appealing to me this year.

Oooo!  I’m done already.  How did that happen?  Feel free to comment, wave “Hidey Ho!” or sing some Christmas carols on the way thru if you would like.   🙂