I’ve been doing some thinking

Which is something that I do when I have nothing else to do and I’m left all by my onesy.  Hey!  You can’t blame me if I’m left without any adult supervision.  It’s not my fault.  Besides, that white stuff is falling here once again.  Where was I?  Oh yeh.

So I was thinking about my morning post and how I supposedly have some of that ancient DNA in me and then I got to thinking about the origins of words.  I mean, maybe some of our words that we use today were words that Neanderthal caveman dude used back in the day.  It could happen.  How would we know otherwise?  It’s not like they wrote anything down and the possibilities are endless when you sit down and think about it.

So maybe some words that we use today meant something different to caveman Ook.  Words like …

Mister: Which meant “Man with club” back in the day.

Missus:  Which meant “Caveman who clubs woman and takes her to his cave.

Ms.: Derived from the caveman word “Miz” which meant “Cavewoman who hits man with club and takes him to her cave to wait on her hand and foot.

Don’t roll your eyes.  It could have happened like that.


46 thoughts on “I’ve been doing some thinking

  1. Mornin’ Jim. Everytime I hear Donald Trump speak I’m pretty sure I’m listening to a neanderthal and that goes for all Republicans.
    Have you gone out Christmas caroling yet? This is the only time of year you can walk around singing and people don’t look at you funny… people around here are always hoping for snow at Christmas and their slow children ask Santa for sleds! I think that explains a lot. On the rare occasions when it does snow or we get an ice storm around here? Funny thing is people can’t get to work because of the weather but they can get to the mall! People are funny.
    I think Donald Trump is the Antichrist. I mean, look at Los Angeles it’s on fire with 85 mile per hour winds and all the Hurricanes we’ve had… something to think about. Well that’s my morning ramble, Thank you for reading!🙈🙊🙉

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      1. maybe we need some cave drawings to get to the bottom of it. I’ll have to check my garage wall to see if there are any clues to the mystery. ya never know. there just may be.


    1. Na. then I wouldn’t come up with stuff like this and you would think I’m boring. and some attractive single German lady would think “Wo kann ich mich vor ihm verstecken?” (I hope that is a right translation)

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      1. Your German is very good, Jim 🙂
        And no, nobody would think that you are boring. Where would you get this idea from.

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      2. actually I’m waiting to meet an attractive, well built Heidi to kidnap me the next time I’m in Germany. I sure hope she doesn’t have a husband. that would be a huge disappointment. 😉

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      3. That’s an ambitious plan, Jim 🙂
        Heidis are rare nowadays. And we are mostly quite civilized and don’t kidnap man. The Neanderthal is in Germany but we’ve adapted somehow in the meantime 😀 😀

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