Hump Day Morning


I just came back in after an early morning walk.  It’s a rather pleasant and tropical 15*F (-9C) out there.  I did the usual Minnesota bundling thingee to wrap up and stay warm all in the name of getting healthy and healing.  I was doing my usual PT walk and busy trying not to become a walking, talking Popsicle when it occurred to me that maybe my recent struggle with my weight going up versus down may be weather related.  Maybe it’s the meds that I’m on right now or maybe it’s some spontaneous brilliance on my part that made me think this thru.

Now think about it.  I had to take the Biology and General Psych courses just like a lot of people in order to get my university degree.  One learns just enough in those courses to be dangerous or pretty well screw up your thought processes for the rest of your life.  But I got to thinking and a question formulated in my lil’ pea brain: “Is your weight gain tied to ancient DNA which causes your body to gain weight in the winter in order to survive?

I’m not sure if the question came from me trying to kill some time in order to ignore the cold or if the meds sparked the idea.  But I did remember that I got one of those ancestry DNA kits last Christmas and the results revealed that I was one of those lucky people of northern European origin that has the strain of ancient Neanderthal man DNA.  So that got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, I had some ancient relative who was a caveman back in the day.  Then I wondered if some thought occurred to him when he woke up one morning and went outside the cave to relieve himself.  I wondered if he thought …

“Oo!  Frozen water fall from sky. Make big pile of white cold.  Make feet turn blue.  Make little friend shrink.  Thag build bigger fire.  Stay warm.  Wrap in skins.  Put skins on feet.  Take spear and dog.  Hunt wooly mammoth.  Eat much.  Get fat.  Look like Mrs. Thag when she had Little Thag inside her.  Oo!  Wind God send much wind. Much cold.  Little friend shrinking.  Go back in cave now.”

Come to think of it, I have some kin down home that think like this now.

16 thoughts on “Hump Day Morning

  1. 🙂

    I’ve learned something today:
    Water expanses when it freezes
    The human body is roughly 80 % water.
    So you may just be terribly cold, not overweight 😉

    I am also very very cold …

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  2. I think DNA has something to do with body type and weight. See none of us can help it. It’s not like we sit and eat gelato all the time 😉

    Oh, I am 70* warmer than you are right now. I hate it….

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