Tuesday Night


We’re wrapped in a blanket of white once again.  It’s been cold out there all day and even colder if you’re walking in it.  The north wind was blowing forcing you to wrap up and bundle to keep the chill away from your skin.  Was it snowing during the day or was it some smaller ground blizzards as the winds picked up and moved the fallen snow around?  Maybe it was a little of both as the cloud cover moved in and out all day.

The days are getting ever shorter as the sun sets lower and lower in the mid-day sky reminding me that the winter solstice is approaching.



Yeh, I think Autumn is pretty well over now for us.  And I can tell that everyone around here has forgotten how to drive in this stuff based upon the line of cars that has been out on the main street behind my place since 6:00 AM.  Silly Minnesotans.  Don’t you know that you need to leave earlier whenever this stuff shows up around this neck of the Hundred Acre Wood?  I guess that they have forgotten that as well.

Ok, so my “Love – Hate” relationship with the snowplow driver begins once again.  Yep, you guessed it.  I cleaned the drive only for him to go past and plug up the bottom of the drive.  I swear I heard a maniacal laugh when he drove past.