Friday Night


Miss Lily has decided that she had a new place to hide.  What she hasn’t figured out is that the few bells that I tied to some lower hanging branches are not just there for her enjoyment.  I don’t think she has quite picked up they she is telling on herself whenever she likes to give them a gentle swat.  She thinks she is well camouflaged but she’s not.

Goofball cat!

Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain for the ultimate control of the universe.  Of course my brain does want to pul some of that Darth Vader Jedi mind control stuff from time to time.  Let’s see ..

1. What a beautiful sunrise this morning.  It’s a definite plus up of getting into a walking habit.  I sat and watched as the skies changed from some brilliant oranges and reds to oranges and yellows and then lastly to blues and silvers.

2.  I hate it when I’m just about ready to do something and I get distracted by something else.  Then I sit around for a tad bit wondering “What was it that I was gonna do?”  Ugh!

3. My youngest and her beau are flying from Salt Lake City today.  It’s Mexican for dinner tonight.  Woo Hoo!

4. I spoke with Melanie for a tad today for those who remember her.  She seems to be fine.

5. It was a beautiful day yesterday too.  I had to go to town for some business yesterday afternoon and I took my camera with.  I took a few snaps while I was at it.  There won’t be too many days where the landscape looks like this.

There you have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a hearty “Feliz Navidad” when you pass thru.   🙂