Smooth Jazz New Years Eve

Here’s a little ditty that seems appropriate for tonight …

I was born 30 years too late.  I totally missed out dancing in a new year to big band music.  Hope you can view!


Well, we may as well go out with a bang!


I awoke this morning to amazing and tropical -15*F (-26C) and a wind chill of an even more amazing -29*F (-34C).  There’s an Albert Camus quote that a I whenever it’s cold like this out there …

“In the depth of winterI finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”

I can live thru this.  I lived thru 57 winters before this one and that includes the winters on the high plains of western South Dakota with its blizzards and Arctic cold.  We’ll keep making plans for the Spring and how we’re going to plant our garden.  I have beds to top off in the Spring and proper storage to research now.  I may kill some of my time by gathering up my empty jelly jars and making some jelly to last thru to the Spring.

I think I shall go thru my lenses and pic out a couple to explore taking winter pictures with.  I keep saying it every year but I never quite get the gumption to get off my arse and actually do it.  Maybe 2018 will be that year.


Art Sunday #155: Jan Steen – Children Teaching a Cat to Dance


Daily life was Jan Steen’s main pictorial theme. Many of the genre scenes he portrayed, as in The Feast of Saint Nicholas, are lively to the point of chaos and lustfulness, even so much that “a Jan Steen household”, meaning a messy scene, became a Dutch proverb (een huishouden van Jan Steen). Subtle hints in his paintings seem to suggest that Steen meant to warn the viewer rather than invite him to copy this behaviour. Many of Steen’s paintings bear references to old Dutch proverbs or literature. He often used members of his family as models, and painted quite a few self-portraits in which he showed no tendency of vanity.

Steen did not shy from other themes: he painted historical, mythological and religious scenes, portraits, still lifes and natural scenes. His portraits of children are famous. He is also well known for his mastery of light and attention to detail, most notably in Persian rugs and other textiles.





It’s damn cold out there today.  There’s no other way of saying it.  It’s just damn cold.  How cold is it Jim?  Well let me tell ya.  It’s a rather tropical -7F (-22C) and that’s after it warmed up.  No, you really don’t wanna know how cold it was when I got out of bed this morning.  Let’s just say that it was cooler.  No, I really didn’t wanna get out of a nice warm bed.

The door going out onto my deck is frozen shut.  Lucky me.  I get to spend this weekend thawing it out so I can get it opened once again.  In the meanwhile, I had to bundle up like Randy so I could go change the water for the birds, check on their feed and refill the bunny feed dish.  Word must be out about the bunny feed dish since it was empty and there are tracks all over the place ow.  Bear in mind we had snow yesterday which pretty much covered up all previous tracks.  It must be party at Jim’s house time for them.

And I’m beginning to think that I have trolls or leprechauns or Republicans visiting in the middle of the night leaving dirty laundry because I can’t figure out where all this laundry came from for this week.  Lordy mercy!  Am I running a Chinese laundry now?