The south wind finally gave way and only a north wind is blowing now.  It looks sunny and warm out there but that wind does have a chill in it.  It’s funny how we will think this weather will be almost tropical come next March.  Of course it assumes that I’ll still be alive and kicking come next March.

So another November in my life is almost over.  It’s funny how the time flies whenever you’re not looking.  It seems like it was only yesterday and I was starting to clear out my garden beds.  Now I’m simply waiting for that white stuff to start falling from the sky.  Yeh, you read that right.  I’m waiting for that white stuff to start falling.

It begs the obvious question of “Why?”  Simply put, it’s dry here and we need the moisture.  Other than that, yeh maybe I have lost my mind.  Oh well.  It’s only for a few months.  A few very cold months.

Oh, they’re treacherous


The Minnesota Wingless Tree Dragons have appeared to have evolved.  Now they’re using diversionary tactics on me.  One keeps my attention by running back and forth across the berm while another comes in from behind to steal my nuts.  It was working for a while until the light bulb finally came on.  It was one of those “Hey, wait a minute!  What’s going on here?”  which was then followed by a “Why you lil” _____!” moments for me.

I’ll let you fill in the blank.


The north wind decided to return this afternoon.  You could feel the wind shifting back and forth between coming from the north and then coming from the south.  The south wind finally gave way to the north wind and with it went any hope that I had remaining for warm weather to continue.

It had to happen.  It’s the way things are here with Fall giving way to the Winter season.  You could feel the chill on the air even tho the temps were still up.  But the air grew cooler as the sun sank in the west and I had to switch to a heavier coat before I made my final walks for the day.