Random Thought on Friday Eve

The sunrise looked brilliant on my little maple tree this morning.  Unfortunately it was for only a brief moment before clouds obstructed the look.  It didn’t help that my neighbor’s tree in the background kinda sorta swallowed it up too.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll be lucky tomorrow.

I get Petey back from the body shop today.  Woo hoo and butt dancing in my chair moves.    Now all I need to do is find new rims to replace her 10+ year old rims so she looks factory fresh once again.  My oldest said I was putting more money into her versus what she’s worth.  But I’ve had her for over 10 1/2 years and she is a Wolfsburg Edition and I want to keep her for as long as I can.  I think she’ll have a heart attack when I tell her how much I’ll spend on new rims, new wheel cams and them mounting and balancing the tires.

And I can hang on to my MacBook for a while longer when I get a replacement battery for it.  I hate to give up something that is running so well.

Someone said my grammar wasn’t very good.  I replied ‘Plllllbbbbbbbbbtttttttttttt!”  I can be rude at times.

It’s a beautiful day in central Minnesota.  A tad cool but still beautiful.

Woo hoo for lunch time!!!!


24 thoughts on “Random Thought on Friday Eve

  1. Love the colors…
    Can’t wait to see pictures of all the work getting done…
    Oh the grammar police…fuck them…I said that on my about page lol…just to get it out of the way…lol…now if they don’t or didn’t read that about me…well then I can’t be held accountable …lol


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