5 Things I Like About This Time of Year


Well shoot!  The heat wave passed and we’re back to atypical Autumn weather for central Minnesota.  Time to embrace change I guess.

1. The bugs are mostly gone!  Yeh!  I hate bugs and especially those blood sucking, highly infectious, disease carrying mosquitos.  Now I can sit outside at night with a fire pit and without ending up whiter than I already am.  I need my blood and they can’t have it.

2. My crab apple trees always lose their leaves early.  Now I’m just waiting for the other trees to change their leaf color and then watch them fall.  That means more leaf piles for my gummys to jump in.

3. OK, so I admit that I like the Pumpkin Spice Coffeemate for my coffee this time of year.  So sue me.  Well actually I have another phrase that I would use but there may be lil’ old blue haired ladies, priests and lil’ kids around and Momma didn’t like hearing that kinda talk coming out of my mouth.

4. It’s getting to be soup and stew time of year once again.  That means I’m on my continuing quest for a great potato soup recipe.  I found what appears to be a great Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe that I’m anxious to try out when the weather gets a tad cooler.

5.  It’s almost fireplace time once again.  There are only a couple things better than that.  One of which is Halloween.

Okey dokey.  Feel free to comment if you want or just wave “Hey!” on your way thru.