A Couple Random Thoughts for a Tuesday Morning


The rain gods decided to visit us for a while which is just fine by me.  We need the rain anywho after that last heat wave.  I took a gander at the 10 day weather forecast and we’re returning to our regularly scheduled Autumn weather for central Minnesota.

One more garden is cleaned out for the year.  My little pumpkin patch is all said and done for this year yielding me three pumpkins.  I’m OK with the yield this year.  The gummys were happy with them too.  We’ll switch my little patch to a different bed next year and hope for a larger yield.  My second batch of peas is coming along and I’m harvesting already.  The second batch of green onions and carrots are looking good too.  🙂

One of the last things that my Neurologist did was to prescribe a new med for me.  We had a long discussion about it but I’m still reluctant with taking it.  I’m outvoted right now between him and family however.  We’ll see how it goes.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll see lil’ pink elephants.

I think I wanna take some pics in B&W for a while just to see how they come out.

OK, More later.  Feel free to come or wave “Hi” as you do the Mash Potato on your way thru.