We all misunderstood the end of the world.


Ohhhhhh!  So that’s why we’re all still here.  We all “misunderstood” this guy.  The world wasn’t supposed to end on September 23rd.  It’s “NOW” supposed to end on October 21st.


And here I was thinking last Friday’s DQ Butterfinger Blizzard would have had to last me for all eternity.  Silly me.  I was obviously a huge doofus in my haste to get one of my last ice cream treats on this Earth.

So now we have this all straight.  There is plenty of time for your last minute debauchery, looting, plundering and any other vice that you would like to have before we are go “Poof”.  Oh wait … we were supposed to have an Earth shattering “KABOOM“.

My bad.  Carry on with your debauchery plans.  I’m available for bar mitzvahs, weddings, funerals and may be willing for some of you to debauch me before the 21st.  Even on the 21st works for me.  That’s a helluva way to go.